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Provide customers continuous, high efficient and rapid & convenient services, and build up good-quality service brand.

Establish the perfect service network, and provide customers services of specialization, standardization, pluralism and products.

In order to perfect the after-sales service system, provide customers timely, considerate and satisfying services, ensure customers legitimate interest, and better build up greater image, we specially provide the followingservices and promises:

We guarantee the equipments provided to customers are all new and high quality, and they can complete their request design functions, and their technical performance can reach the specified standard.

Delivery date: 1500W, delivery within 5-7 working days. 3000w, delivery within 7-8 working days . 6000w delivery within 8 working days, 10kw, delivery within 10 working days

We will perpetually be in charge of maintenance, with a guarantee period of one year, and the guarantee period begins to be counted since the date of using equipments.

In order to eliminate customers' any failure, we must fulfill our guaranteed services and freely remove customers' reported failure within the guarantee period in time.

If the responsible failure doesn't belong to us, we can provide technical guide to eliminate failure or replace the related parts under the requirements of customers.

Within 10 years after acceptance of equipments, we will provide customers the price lower than the market price for necessary spare parts, plug-ins or other parts used for maintenance work on the base of same specifications and models; if this kinds spare parts have been stopped producing, we will inform customers and provide customers enough time to make the necessary reserve.

We set up 7*24 after-sales service center, and promise customers to provide 7*24 free phone technical services

When the failure generates, they will be implemented the treatment according to three levels.

To the general hardware failure, we can use the phone to guide you to solve failures within one hour after receiving the call.

To the general hardware failure, we can provide the spare equipment to replace within 24 hours after receiving the failure report..

When you meet the emergent failure, we will send the engineer to the spot for treatment within 10 hours.